We are a film scoring orchestra who serves the needs of film composers, contemporary composers, and producers all over the world who seek to have their works recorded – right here in the USA. Developed by composers, for composers, we have streamlined the orchestral recording process. You can join us in person or listen in and watch the session remotely. Complete with a custom-designed headphone distribution system, which allows you to speak directly to the players right from your own private studio. Whether you are a novice composer who has never worked with a live orchestra before, or a veteran composer who has a mastery of the process, we will walk with you from concept to completion.


Our mission is to serve as a professional grade, competitively-priced orchestral production alternative comprised entirely of local talent. Our team is capable of performing, recording and producing entire soundtracks for full feature-length films, commercials, musicals, or any other medium in need of our services.


Harnessing the talents within a 60 mile radius of Northeast Ohio, we have an unsurpassed talent pool of players. All uniquely trained in their chosen instrument and accustomed to the high pressured rigors of the scoring stage environment. Whatever instrumentalist you need for your project, we have it for you. 


We have a talented team of engineers, mixers, and producers that are the backbone of our production group. They are a devoted team who has walked through the process time and time again, and are uniquely interested in the needs of your orchestra recording.


Developed for composers, by composers, the Legacy Scoring Orchestra has been carefully crafted directly around the high pressure demands of modern day composers who work in film, video gaming, or freelance. From the beginning stages of your project, we will help you format your session template, preview and proof your sheet music, and ensure that the programming of your tempo / click tracks are all perfectly locked in sync BEFORE the session.